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Bess 2Bess was Pauls working and trialdog

Winner of several opentrials

DNA CEA normal

She is by Fynydd Mac out of Taddymoor Gyp (Alison hunter Blair)



LynLyn was Pauls nursery dog 2016

Radnorshires nursery Champion 2016

Powys nursery Champion 2016

She finished in 6th place in South Wales Nursery Championship

She is by Roy (Malcolm Ellis) out of Fynydd Katie

Welsh team member, in the 2017 International SDT

Several wins in opentrials, DNA normal for CEA, TNS, IGS and SN


 Foxridge Roy

Roy was Pauls nurserydog 2016

Roy finished in 2n place in Radnorshire nursery team

He is by Fleet (Ian Lockhart) out of Queen (David Edwards)

Several wins in opentrials

DNA normal for CEA, TNS, SN and IGS carrier




Rob was Karins working and trialdog, now retired

winner of several opentrials, 4th place in SWSDTA open 2015

DNA CEA normal

He is by Bob (Tony Ottesen) out of Chica (Tony Ottesen)



Sam 5Sam was Karins working and trialdog

1 open win and several placings

DNA CEA Normal

He is by Roy (Ross Games) out of Gemma (D Games)





Holly was Karins nurseydog 2015

She finished in 2nd place in Radnorshires nursery team

She is by Roy (Ross Games) out of Tam (D Games)

several placings in opentrials


Fynydd Elsa

Elsa 4

Elsa was Karins nurseydog 2016

She finished in 4th place i Radnorshires nursery team

She is by Sam (Karin Haker) out of Bess (Paul Tomkins)

opentrials winner and several placings




Karins nursery dog 2018

 2nd in Radnorshires nursery team

4th in South Wales Nursery final

8th in All Wales nursery final

9th in 4 Nations nursey final

Opentrials winner and several placings

He is by Hybeck Blake (Sophie Holt) out of Glan y Gors Mona (Yvonne Abrey)





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